Retrouville – Marriage Retreat

Is your marriage going down the right road . . . or is it a little off track?  Life can be difficult, and so can the challenges you face in marriage.

Not willing to let go of your marriage?  Many couples continue to struggle in a marriage, but are not willing to give up on each other.  There is hope.
Retrouvaille is a program designed to help struggling marriages regain their health. It helps a husband and a wife rediscover or re-awaken the love, trust and commitment that originally brought them together. The program is highly successful in saving hurting marriages, even bringing reconciliation to couples who have already separated or divorced.  Retrouvaille is a peer ministry of volunteer couples that can help you learn the tools of healthy communication, build intimacy and heal, just as they have done in their own marriages.  For more information about our upcoming Retrouvaille Weekend program, June 3-5, 2022, contact: Andy & Lilly @ 770.912.4743 or visit our website: