Stephanie Randall Memorial Scholarship

Stephanie Randall Memorial Scholarship

To the Applicant:

Each year, the Stephanie Randall Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school
senior member of Transfiguration Catholic Church. The scholarship was established in memory
of Stephanie Anne Randall, a member of Transfiguration from 1988 to 1998. Please read the
information below thoroughly and carefully prior to completing your application. The
Stephanie Randall Memorial Scholarship is unlike most other scholarships you will apply for.
Selection is not based on academic performance, involvement in school activities or sports, or
financial need. Your application will be evaluated based on the degree to which it reflects the
manner in which you are living out your faith as a youthful, growing follower of Christ. While
active participation in ChrisTeen is an important consideration, it is not in and of itself the most
important criterion. The recipient will be that person who in the judgment of the scholarship
selection committee, based on the applications submitted, best exemplifies those qualities and
parish community involvement for which Stephanie Randall was best known, including but not
limited to:
• A commitment to live the tenets of the Catholic faith on a daily basis.
• Reaching out to welcome others into the parish and ChrisTeen communities.
• Active involvement in ChrisTeen activities and events, especially retreats and service
activities, i.e., Mission Trip, NCYC, Hands On Transfiguration.
• Service through parish ministries such as Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Altar Server,
Habitat for Humanity, St Vincent de Paul, Peer Ministry, etc.
• A solid attendance record at ChrisTeen classes.

Fully addressing all criteria as explained on the application form will ensure your application
receives full consideration by the scholarship award committee. It is vital that you fully
understand the selection criteria for this scholarship as explained above and complete your
application accordingly. We strongly suggest the people you select to write your letters of
recommendation be individuals capable of addressing your strengths specifically pertaining to
the selection criteria. Ensure they have a copy of this page as a reference.

Use this sheet as a checklist to complete your application. Failure to follow directions may disqualify
your application. On a separate sheet (or sheets) answer the following questions.

Type or print your information and answers.

  1. Full Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone #
  4. High School
  5. Anticipated college or career
  6. List all organizations, ministries and community service activities you have been involved in while
    attending Transfiguration.
  7. How have your activities and involvement in the ChrisTeen program helped you to live a ChristCentered life?
  8. What is your favorite scripture passage? Why?
  9. From the criteria listed on the first page, explain why you best exemplify the qualities and parish
    involvement that form the basis for becoming a recipient of the Stephanie Randall Memorial
  10. Submit two (2) signed letters of recommendation. At least one must be from a parishioner. Do not
    use family members or a person on staff at Transfiguration. Choose wisely, ensuring the individuals
    writing on your behalf can speak directly to the scholarship criteria. The completed recommendations
    must be returned to you for inclusion in your application packet prior to submission.
  11. Sign and Date Application

The selection committee must be in receipt of your completed application no later than March 31

You may email it to and we will confirm receipt of your email.

Alternatively, you may deliver your application via USPS/UPS/FedEx to:
Stephanie Randall Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee
802 Seipel Dr.
Denver, NC 28037

Do not drop off your application at the ChrisTeen office!

Late submissions will not be accepted!

The decision of the selection committee is final. Signing your application is verification that you
understand and agree to accept the committee’s decision. Your completed application becomes the property of the scholarship committee.