The Congress of Representatives is the parish lay leadership group that meets to facilitate effective communication among the ministries and groups of Transfiguration. 

This group was created to unite the groups and activities of Transfiguration under one mission.
The Leaders who make up the COR are selected in advance to serve as representatives.

Watch for more information coming soon.

Ministry and Group Leader Resources

IF YOU are a group leader in need of staff assistance for your group, meeting or event, please follow these steps:  
  1. Make Sure to get your event on our Church Calendar by requesting a date Here: Calendar
  2. Make sure you get approved for promotion by filling out our Media Request form to best help us get the word out. We have many forms of communication available and we want to help you reach your target audience. Submit the form and we will contact you shortly
  3. Create a Floorplan by completing our room request form: (Coming Soon)
    (All Rooms will be set to a standard set up that best fits our daily events. Any other set ups will need to be made in advance of your event with this form)