• The Holy Name Ministry seeks to provide educational opportunities that highlight the ways to keep God’s name holy in our secular and materialistic world.
  • The Holy Name Ministry is not affiliated with the national Holy Name Society.
  • All men and women of the parish are invited to attend all Holy Name Ministry events.

The Committee hosts four to six parish-wide meetings each year.  All of our meetings are on Saturday mornings, beginning with Mass at 9:00 a.m., followed by breakfast with either a guest speaker or general discussion on a pre-selected topic. 

Breakfast tickets are $5.00.  If the cost is a problem, simply speak to the person selling tickets.  If you are dieting or have food allergies, you are welcome to join us for coffee and the presentation at no cost.

Holy Name Prayer

God, almighty Father, hear the prayers
of the faithful families of Transfiguration Catholic Church.

Bestow on them the special grace
needed to respect your beloved Holy Name.

To be a living example to others
that cursing or swearing or using Your Name in vain
is not a Christian value which can lead to virtue.

Let us foster the practice of holiness, a healthy spiritual life,
and help others to grow as a people of faith and prayer.

Let us remember that at the utterance of Your Holy Name
every knee must bend in heaven and on earth.

Some of Our Past Speakers….

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Holy Name Breakfast

Did you miss Monsignor Pat Bishop’s presentation about Pope Francis and the Year of Mercy? Watch it here! Please accept our apologies regarding the sound quality of the video…

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