The Catholic Church of the Transfiguration,

Founded in 1977

Igive thank you by Transfiguration Catholic Church

Over the past 2 years, our parish building has undergone the growing pains of a 45 year old building. From lights and cameras to windows and doors and importantly, our HVAC system for the Sanctuary and parish center. Support the parish’s improvements in your tithing, giving and by participating in funds that will allow us to continue to care for our common church home and community. #igivecatholic is an opportunity to expand where you tithe to the church.

Where #givingtuesday is a day for the wider world to donate to something they feel passionate about, #igivecatholic ensures those donations go to organizations, causes and individuals who champion Catholic works. A portion of that giving is going to support Transfiguration’s parish improvements. We hope you will join us on NOVEMBER 14 – NOVEMBER 29 in giving!