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Using the Power of Prayer for Life

Shawn Carney (International leader of 40 Days For Life) has asked our Marietta 40 Days for Life  family/team to be a part of a pilot program called 40 Days for Life 365.  We will be part of just 5 national locations testing this concept (out of over 500).  Our goal is to have a physical, peaceful, prayerful presence in front of the Marietta Planned Parenthood facility Monday through Friday from 8AM until 6 PM.  We will begin by covering these hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The purpose of our prayerful presence in front of the Marietta Planned Parenthood facility is two fold:
#1) For PP customers contemplating abortion, we pray that they reconsider and choose LIFE.
#2) We pray that ultimately this facility ceases to operate.

Now is the time to get involved! You can have an impact locally and be the forerunner showing how this can be done as it ultimately expands nationally.
Next Steps:
#1) Go to the website ( to sign up for an hour or two.
#2) If you would like a sign to hold call Mike Northway (404-512-8351)
#3) If you are the only one signing up for a given hour call Mike Northway (404-512-8351) as we prefer to have at least two participants for each hour.
#4)Planned Parenthood is located at 220 Cobb Parkway N, Marietta 30062 (Just north of the Big Chicken on the right). Park either across the street in the strip shopping center or the business park down from the PP facility.

Questions?? Call:
Rachel Guy Marietta 40 Days Leader 404-922-7659
Mike Northway Transfiguration  404-512-8351
Peggy Desiderio Transfiguration 678-467-0647