Adult Faith Formation Presents: For the Beauty of the Earth

“How the Beauty Around us Reveals the Glory of God”
Join us on
Thursday, August 4
7:00 p.m.
in the Adult Lounge

A Presentation by Fr. Bartholomew Hutcherson, OP, Western Dominican Preaching

Beauty, like its counterparts: truth, goodness, and oneness, is a transcendental quality that finds its perfection in God, but is also present in all created things, where it bears an imprint of the creator. When we encounter beauty in the world around us, it directs our hearts and minds to the divine artisan who crafted that beauty. Using Scripture, the work of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and images from both nature and art, Fr. Bart will help us to understand how beauty can be sacramental, helping us to experience the wondrous grace of God.

Fr. Bart Hutcherson, OP is friar of the Western Dominican Province. Ordained for 25 years, he currently serves as an itinerant preacher, traveling to offer parish missions and retreats. He also teaches homiletics at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, California. A photography hobbyist, Fr. Bart uses imagery in his teaching and preaching, and is the author of For the Beauty of the Earth: Experiencing the Glory of God in the Wonders of the 49th State, a collection of photos and reflections completed during an extended period of ministry in Alaska.

Fr. Bart Hutcherson, OP, will discuss his newly released book, For the Beauty of the Earth: Experiencing the Glory of God in the Wonders of the 49th State.

The book includes more than 350 of Fr. Bart’s photographs of Alaska, interspersed with reflections, scripture, hymns, psalms, and poetry, into a visual sermon declaring the Glory of God. He hopes that his photos will inspire readers as much as Alaska has inspired him.Fr. Bart spent seven months in Alaska ministering in the regions of Anchorage, Dutch Harbor (Aleutian Islands), and Kotzebue (west coast of the Arctic Circle). He photographed the sun rising at noon and setting after midnight. From ‘Solstice to Solstice’ he experienced Alaska at its darkest and lightest, ministering to the people of Alaska, snow shoeing, hiking, and fishing, all while pointing his camera in every direction to capture the beauty of the great land of Alaska.

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