Baby Bottle Boomerang Results

The HOPE Center and your Respect Life members want to extend our thanks and appreciation for your continued support and prayers. This year’s baby bottle collections have so far exceeded $17,200 in spite of all the interruptions to all of our lifestyles. But life and life saving keeps going at The HOPE Center…Cindy O’Leary, executive director notes that key decisions made recently included:

  • HOPE Center appointment numbers continue to increase month over month
  • 6 women changed their mind and made a choice for LIFE in June = 6 tiny babies saved!
  • 1 woman made the choice to give her LIFE TO CHRIST!
  • 16 women signed up for EWYL, the HOPE Center’s ongoing education and support program for expectant families

Net, Your support continues to make a difference….and if you find any baby bottles lying around just drop them off in the collection baskets at church!