Safety Guidelines at Transfiguration

Many have asked about the protocols at Transfiguration. From the beginning, we have followed the directives and advice from the CDC and Archdiocese. We maintain two simple goals: providing a safe place to worship and enabling everyone who can, to come together again at Church.


Seating – With our current pew configuration, we looked at many options to maximize seating capacity. Because our Church seats 800 people and based on the 25 % of capacity directive from the Archdiocese, we are only able to accommodate approximately 200 people per Mass. The amount of people we can safely serve is also dependent on group size. Masses with more single and couple participants require more space and reduce overall capacity, while families and larger groups allow more seating capacity. The reservation system is adjusted based on the reservations of singles, doubles and 3+. You may have noticed a pattern of singles on the tabernacle side, doubles in the center section and 3+ on the font side. Obviously as the Church fills, we use every available seat. Ushers – have stepped forward to assist with seating and traffic flow. If you have special needs, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass and we should be able to accommodate requests. 

Reservations – initially the reservations were two-fold:

  1. to contact trace if necessary
  2. to make sure we can safely accommodate everyone and not have to turn anyone away because of limited seating (An added benefit is that people can see the numbers attending different Masses and make decisions about what Mass they feel comfortable attending.)
  • Beginning April 5, for weekday Masses, reservations are no longer required.
  • For weekend Masses, we will continue with the reservations to maximize our capacity to welcome everyone to Mass. Click HERE to make a reservation. There is also a button on MyParish app to make a reservation.
  • Please note, April 24-25 and May 1-2, we will celebrate First Eucharist for our children and 5 family members. Available seating in the Church will be reduced for these Masses; however, Overflow seating is available in Bishop Hall.
  • The reservation dates are updated on Sunday evenings. (One week is posted. When posting more than one weekend, we’ve had many duplicate sign-ups and more no shows)

 Cancelling a reservation to attend Mass – thank you to everyone who cancelled reservations if plans changed. We ask all to cancel if plans change to open seating for others. To cancel a reservation, 

  • log in to signup genius to edit, swap or delete signups. 
  • You do have to create an account, which requires an email and password. (They advertise that they don’t sell their lists.) 
  • Once you’re logged in you’ll see your reservations and 3 squares under your name to edit, swap or delete
  • Or email Joyce,

Ten minutes before Mass begins, we will seat anyone who is waiting for a seat in Church regardless of reservation. The assumption is that all who are coming have arrived and no show seats available. Our goal is always to welcome everyone. To date, we have been able to accommodate everyone even if it is in Bishop Hall or livestreaming in the parking lot. (Our Bishop Hall community is lovely if you haven’t been there yet… a family community praying together, close up zooms of the altar and most importantly, receiving Jesus present in the Eucharist.)

We’ve received many suggestions about what we should do and we listen to all comments. Please believe we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe and provide the opportunity to pray together. Each Church in our Archdiocese has different facilities and created protocols based on what is possible, local recommendations as well as the Archdiocese’s directives. The protocols that we have adopted at Transfiguration have been tailored and adapted to fit our Family.