Meet St. Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul Atlanta
By now you know the name, but do you know the man? St. Vincent dePaul, whose Feast Day we celebrate on September 27, is the patron saint of charities, hospitals, volunteers, and the world-wide outreach that bears his name. Much of what we know about his life is fact: he was born in France in 1581, ordained in 1600, and died in 1660. He gave up the so-called “good life” as private chaplain to a wealthy family to minister to the poor and sick. He was a spiritual advisor to a queen and a chaplain to imprisoned slaves. Tradition also suggests some drama: in his early days Vincent was captured by Barbary pirates, sold into slavery, and converted his captors to Christianity! A full and inspiring life indeed.

We can’t promise queens or pirates, but we can strive to emulate Vincent’s devotion to the neediest among us. Come to our next SVdP meeting on Monday September 25 at 7 p.m. in the Adult Lounge to find out how we do that right here in our community. It just might capture your heart.

Parishioners and residents of the Transfiguration area who need assistance please call our helpline, 770-977-1442 ext. 1252 ( ext. 1253 en Español).