Come and See: Ezekiel, Hebrews, Revelation by Father Andreas Hoeck, SSD

with Ruth Elsbree
Thursdays, 9:45 a.m.-11:00 a.m. , ZOOM (In Person Begins August 19)
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Book Description: Authors Father Andreas Hoeck and Laurie Watson Manhardt unlock the mysteries of some of the most difficult and controversial books of the Bible Ezekiel, Hebrews, and Revelation. Probe the prophet Ezekiel, the most visual of the prophets, and discover the significance of his numerous visions and symbolic style of writing, and how he influences the book of Revelation. The Apocalypse (Revelation) is filled with symbolism and code language derived from the Old Testament that was intended to mislead outsiders who might stumble on the book. Learn its true meaning by comparing it with Old Testament precedents, and be fascinated by what God really is saying to you in Revelation. And discover why the book of Hebrews offers a profound and unique image of Jesus found nowhere else in the New Testament.


Beginning August 19 –
Thursdays, 9:30 a.m., Adult Ed/OCI
 with Ruth Elsbree
Continued from Summer- but always welcoming new friends!

Letter to the Hebrews The Letter to the Hebrews offers a profound view of Jesus and lays out the priestly ministry of Christ in a Christian’s life. Come and explore how this unique letter can help to deepen your own journey with our Lord. When we finish Hebrews, we will continue with Revelation. Pathfinders Bible Study consists of women and men who engage in lively discussion about each week’s assignment. We seek to discover how scripture is relevant in our daily lives. 

[Catechist credit earned: 1.5 hours per class for Scripture-intermediate/advanced certification]