We are very grateful to those who have remembered Transfiguration Catholic Church
in their estate plans.

Our parish endowment fund ensures the vitality of our parish long into the future. Because an endowment fund is intended to last forever, gifts to the endowment fund are never spent. The fund continues to grow so that our parish has support for years to come to continue the work of Christ in our community.

As our parish grows physically and spiritually thanks to the grace of God, our needs may exceed our financial means. Our endowment is a way to stabilize our parish income now and in the future
so that we can carry out the work of Christ in our community.

Do you want to make a lasting difference for Transfiguration Catholic Church? Anyone can add to the endowment fund at any time, in any amount, for a loved one living or deceased.

 Support Transfiguration now and in the future with a gift to the Transfiguration endowment fund.
Click here to make a gift online, or use the Giving button on myParish App.

Click here to download the Legacy Endowment Fund Brochure.

How an Endowment Fund Works
Easy Ways to Grow and Endowment Fund
Legacy Giving Planned Giving
Leaving a Legacy to the Parish Endowment Fund

Did you know?

  • Did you know that Transfiguration Catholic Church has an endowment fund? Not exactly sure what an endowment fund even is?
  • One important aspect of our Catholic stewardship is to provide for future generations. An endowment fund can accomplish that mission. Unlike our offertory collection or annual appeal which can be used immediately, an endowment is held in an investment fund set aside for the long-term support of our parish.
  • Our endowment fund was created in 2012 by Archbishop Gregory. This fund was created to ensure that our parish is able to financially sustain our mission to “Welcome – Celebrate – Grow – Serve” long into the future.
  • Our endowment fund is intended to last forever. Gifts to our endowment fund are protected and never spent. As the market grows over time, gifts to our fund grow and produce earnings that can be used by our parish to meet current needs.

Our endowment fund is held at the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia in Atlanta and is invested and managed in accordance with Catholic values.

If you’re interested in learning more about Legacy Giving, please contact Joy Green-Armstrong, at legacygiving@transfiguration.com.