Ministry Opportunities During Masses

Altar Server
If you have received First Communion and have not yet graduated from High School, there’s an opportunity for you to serve at Transfiguration. There is a three-day training process after which you will be rated as a Novice or Junior Altar Server.  Those exhibiting exceptional skills will be invited to an additional 2 hour training session to become Senior Altar Servers.
Adult English Choir
Our adult choir members lead the singing at the 5 English Masses each weekend. Mass attendance is flexible – they can sing at any Mass each week.  Rehearsals are also flexible.  They attend one of the three rehearsals each week – Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Thursday at Noon or 7:30 p.m. – whichever is most convenient any given week.  Our Noon rehearsal allows people who have kids in school or who work in the area to keep up to date with the choir without giving up one of their evenings.  In addition to Sunday Masses, the choir is welcome to sing for Holy Day Masses and funerals.  Membership is from 9th Grade up.
Adult Hispanic Choir
This choir is open to all who enjoy singing in Spanish from 9th grade and up.  Rehearsals are 7:30pm on Wednesdays in the Church.  The Hispanic Choir leads the singing for the 2:00 Spanish Mass.
Children’s Choirs (English and Hispanic)
There are two Children’s Choirs, English and Hispanic.  They are open to kids in the 3rd through 8th grades.  They lead the singing at children’s Masses throughout the year and perform at other events and prayer services.  Rehearsals are on Wednesdays; English is at 5:30pm and Hispanic is at 6:30pm.
Director of Ceremonies (DC)
Director of Ceremonies assist with the mass in the absence of or in addition to the Deacon.  Must be an altar server, Eucharistic Minister and have received Sacrament of Confirmation.
Eucharistic Ministry
This is the one ministry at Transfiguration for which volunteers must be chosen. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist at Transfiguration Masses are people who are involved in one or several activities or ministries at Transfiguration.  They make Christ present to the community during the week, and so we want them visibly presenting the Body and Blood of Christ at our Eucharistic Feast.  After a staff recommendation and pastoral approval, you will be invited to a training session. 
Welcoming sisters and brothers in Christ as they arrive for Mass is an important ministry here at Transfiguration.  We gather as a family to celebrate a meal and being welcomed at the door is the beginning of that celebration.  However, hospitality extends beyond handing out programs at the beginning of Mass.  There are late-comers to be seated, a collection to be taken up, medical emergency and emergency evacuation procedures to be handled, and bulletins to be handed out.
Drummers, bass players, and guitarists play at every Mass.  We have a need for other instruments (flute, violin, cello, trumpet, saxophone, etc.).  The ability to read chord charts and improvise is very helpful.
Proclaiming the Word of God is an integral part of our weekend liturgies.  If you feel called to read at Mass, you will be invited to attend a Lector Workshop. Following the workshop, prospective Lectors are videotaped and evaluated.  Adults serve at the 5:00pm Mass on Saturday and the 8:00am, 10:00am and Noon Masses on Sunday.
Lector (Hispanic)
Hispanic Lectors serve during the 2:00pm Hispanic Mass.
Lector (Child)
We train several children to be lectors at special Holy Day Children’s Masses and special Children’s Prayer Services throughout the school year.  They also serve once every three months at our weekend Masses.  Candidates for this ministry should be proficient, poised and confident readers in grades 2 through 6.  We provide videotape feedback to assist in the Lector development process.
Lector (Teen)
Teens in grades 7 through 12 serve at the 6:00pm Mass on Sunday.
Mass Coordinator and Assistants
Coordinates all liturgical ministers prior to each Mass.  Extensive training required.
Many people work behind the scenes to make our Masses run smoothly.  Sacristans set up most of the items necessary for a Mass, such as wine, bread, cups, plates, purificators, etc.  They are scheduled on a rotating basis at a Mass they prefer.
Sound & Light Technicians
We need 2 soundboard and lighting technicians at each Mass. Experience in recording studios or knowledge of sound equipment is a big plus, but training is offered.
Web Camera Operators
Operates joy-stick-controlled camera during all Masses and some additional liturgical celebrations.

Ministry Opportunities Outside of Masses – Design and Decor

Artists / Licensed Interior Designers
Individuals are needed to assist with developing new liturgical art creations for church decorations, under the direction of the Liturgical Arts and Environment Subcommittee.
Green Team
Watering and caring for all of the plants in the church is an essential job. We particularly need plant care help during the Christmas and Easter seasons, as well as weekly watering and plant maintenance. There is a rotating schedule of people and hours are flexible.
Occasional Decorating
This ministry is for those who are available intermittently throughout the year.  You would be on a call list for occasional assistance with decorating the church.
Seasonal Decorating
Individuals are needed to assist with Christmas decorating a few days prior to Christmas Eve and Easter decorating the afternoon of Holy Saturday.
Linen/Vestment Care
This ministry launders, presses, and folds purificators and corporals needed for our Masses.  Additionally, volunteers care for robes and vestments, occasionally requiring laundering and mending.  Volunteers are scheduled once every 4 – 6 weeks.