Tithing, What does it mean?

Although everyone’s contribution will be different, the Church uses the tithe (10%) as a benchmark by which all of us can gauge our gifts.

It is not optional to support one’s parish financially; this has long been one of the six precepts of the Church. What is voluntary is how much one gives, even though the tithe is a scriptural benchmark.

As a parish, we have suggested the tithe as follows:

  • 5% to the weekly offertory
  • 1% to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal
  • 4% to Faith Based Charities

For some, this goal may be hard to reach, others may decide to give more. Everyone’s weekly gift should adequately reflect God’s generosity.

Household Income:5% to Parish Offertory1% to Archbishop’s Annual Appeal4% Faith Based Charities
$15,000 – $20,000750 – 1,000150 – 200600 – 800
$21,000 – $30,0001,050 – 1,500210 – 300840 – 1,200
$31,000 – $40,0001,550 – 2,000310 – 4001,240 – 1,600
$41,000 – $50,0002,050 – 2,500410 – 5001,640 – 2,000
$51,000 – $60,0002,550 – 3,000510 – 6002,040 – 2,400
$61,000 – $75,0003,050 – 3,750610 – 7502,440 – 3,000
$76,000 – $100,0003,800 – 5,000760 – 1,0003,040 – 4,000
$101,000 – $150,0005,050 – 7,5001,010 – 1,5004,040 – 6,000
$151,000 – $200,0007,550 – 10,0001,510 – 2,0006,040 – 8,000
$201,000 – $300,00010,050 – 15,0002,010 – 3,0008,040 – 12,000
$301,000 – $400,00015,050 – 20,0003,010 – 4,00012,040 – 16,000
$401,000 – $500,00020,050 – 25,0004,010 – 5,00016,040 – 20,000
As with all things, add prayer and discernment to your tithe.

Use this online resources for a quick calculation: http://findmytithe.com/

At Lent: We are asked to give alms. Supporting those who are in most need at this time of year is a part of our own Lenten Journey. Your tithe allows for the parish to give to communities in their times of need. The desert of Lent asks us to remember our duty and challenges us to give up our comforts in order to show our solidarity with those who are poor or poor in spirit.

Community Outreach and Those in Need: As in all things, we take our responsibility to our community seriously. When those who look to the church to help ends meet, our duty is to reach our hands out in love. In most cases, our list of available resources (St. Vincent de Paul, Family Promise, Holy Family Counseling, Support and Grief Groups, etc.) will be the bridge we need. In the cases that assistance can be given financially, our parish ca do so because of your commitment to tithing. As it is stated above, a percentage of your gift overall is there to support these community resources and outreach. Prayerfully consider this work when discerning your tithe for Transfiguration.

Hurricane Relief, Refugee resettlement, Helping in or Community – all items that Transfiguration has donated to because of the generosity of our tithing parish without having to fundraise or ask the parishioners to give more than their weekly, monthly or annual contributions and tithe.

New HVAC at Transfiguration, Replacing and Repairing the Windows, Updating the Building.
It will be a long process to upkeep the building. We thank you for your patience and willingness to contribute to the cause.  This is a good time to remind ourselves that our Tithing allows for the parish to make necessary repairs without fundraising.  A year round income for the parish comes from the tithe given as an offering from each family or individual. The funds in the church account will be free to be applied to a planned project or an urgent need rather than having special collections or capital campaigns.  

As you step into this practice, prayerfully consider your contributions and how you tithe as a family. One duty we share as Christians is to care for our common home. Your gifts allow for us to plan for the expense of upkeeping our church home. Thank you for your generosity and continued support.