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This is your weekly update on what we at Adult Faith Formation are being Inspired by. Use these links and updates to help guide you to prayer, deepen your mediations on subjects or ideas, listen to other Catholic Voices around the Church, Archdiocese, Nation and World. There will be notes on Liturgical Seasons, thoughts, books, videos, podcasts, commentaries and service & hospitality opportunities. If you ever wanted to learn more about something – start here.

Peace, Therese and Amy, your AFF team.

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This week, we Celebrate:

Saint of the Week:

St Mary Magdalene July 22

Apostle to the Apostle.

Saint James the Greater, Apostle July 25

James: Fisherman, Brother, Witness.

Lesson in Liturgy:

Watching Mass at home vs. Coming to Mass. Which is the best?

Well. I imagine that is a matter of the circumstance. Right now, as we are ‘in a time of illness’ as a community, we are allowed to participate in Mass from home. We call this ..’the Dispensation from the Obligation of Sunday Mass during the COVID-19 Pandemic.’ During a time of illness, lets say, You have the chicken pox, you should not come to church for the benefit of others and yourself. You know that your obligation to attend mass is lifted. We’re living in that kind of time – just really big, and for everyone! So, should you come to Mass? These days, if you are heathy and can, yes. That decision should be discerned by you. But if you are at risk, if you are ill, if you are worried, if you feel like you’re not ready to be with that many people, if you feel your spiritual walk is ok… maybe participate in this way from home. An act of Spiritual Communion is not the same as receiving the Eucharist in person, we understand. But it is Communion. The gift of love in which you commit yourself fully to Jesus just as Jesus commits himself to you in the Mass every time it is celebrated. It is communion because it is community. The One Holy and Apostolic Church we all affirm in the Creed at every Mass is alive and well when all of us are unified, presenting our sacrifive to God, no matter where we are.

I’m going to leave two links for you to make your decisions. Transfiguration is open for public masses, adoration, confessions and priests are working as hard as ever for us in these days. We are a lucky and blessed parish. There are diocese and churches that have not even unlocked their doors to the public yet. Those brothers and sisters who have been quarantined since March, celebrated Easter Mass along with us at home, and have been praying and participating with us- from home. God, the real author of our worship, is with us when and where we give Him the worship he deserves from us. We love each other in these days by not calling one better than the other, but calling each other to do the best for our communities. even if it means remaining at home when you want to be at home. We miss you- but because we love you- we know our family is with us! GBY- AK

Do I have to go to Mass Every Week?

Should you go to Mass in a Pandemic?

To our Senior Community

What are we reading:

It seems like every time we flip through Instagram, someone I know is reading “the Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis. If you think you’re ready to dive into the story of how a demon teaches his young nephew how to temp a soul away from it’s faith to God… jump into that book, it’s a good one. A book of Catholic Apologetics, dedicated to JRR Tolkien. Lockdown proved the right time, for me, to re-read “the Chronicles of Narnia” – and if you are looking for a new family recommendation, this is a fun one to read together. Especially coming up on Advent soon- or if you have strong willed children who need a heroic, Catholic role model.

We have been asked for recommendations for a Catholics view on Racism, Systematic views of the effects of racism and being actively anti-racist. Here are a few suggestions.

If you have not read the books “Tattoos on the Heart” Or “Barking to the Choir” by Fr. Greg Boyle- that would be our first recommendation.

How to talk to your kids.. Try “Everyone Belongs” from Loyola Press

Matthew Cressler’s Book – “Authentically Black and Fully Catholic”

Uncommon Faithfulness: The Black Catholic Experience”, by Shawn Copeland

“Knowing Christ Crucified”,by Shawn Copeland

Father Bryan Massingal’s book on the subject, “Racial Justice and the Catholic Church”

Not Catholic Authors – but they are Christian and Church views on racial justice and the Body of Christ as Church

The Cross and the Lynching Tree

Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden forces that keep us apart

The Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism

And if you need a great list of titles and reading on the subject of Anti-Racism: Click here.

Podcasts we Like this week:

*you can find all of the Transfiguration weekly homilies on our Soundcloud site or on the Media Page on this site under Homilies. *

From Catholic Sprouts – Letting the Eucharist Lead

The Non-Violent Manifesto of Jesus – a homily by Fr. Richard Rohr.

The Ladies at Abiding Together have just wrapped a series on the book “In the School of the Holy Spirit” by Fr. Jacques Philippe. Check out their entire study. We are fans.

IF you were ever interested in diving into praying with scripture.. here is the PRAY AS YOU GO podcast.

This week we stumbled across a new podcast THE WAY OF THE HEART. and their episodes on “fathers by God”

What are we watching?

A list of movies to watch during quarantine… Click here

How about “the Mission”? It also has a great score! If you’re looking for some inspiration this week.

How we are serving: Serving

Consider Becoming an USHER for Mass. We need several people per Mass to be those who help others safely return to church. We need you.

Contact Joyce or Breon to get involved!

Know someone who is homebound, living alone or suffering loneliness in this time of being away from community? Please reach out to us at Adult Faith Formation so that we can make sure those folks don’t fall through the cracks of life. Right now, our service can be as simple as a card in the mail or a phone call to someone who really needs it. Email with that person’s name, address, telephone number, or email. We will be happy to pair the homebound with a pen-pal!

Consider the Elijah Cup. We will be able to send the cup home with you very soon! Prayerfully consider bringing the cup home to pray for an increase to vocation- and the blessing of wonderful and courageous priests. Transfiguration has been blessed so well with great priests who have touched our lives in wonderful ways. Let us continue to encourage young men to listen to the calling of the Holy Spirit to this Vocation.

How are we loving our neighbor:

This week we are looking for stories about how you and your family have come together through food or fun so far this quarantine. Contact the AFF Office to contribute.

In the Community, we still need your support and donations to our various ministries and outreaches, including St Vincent DePaul, Family Promise, Habitat for Humanity, Respect Life, Shelters, and More! Go to the Get Involved page to find a ministry to support.