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Transfiguration is a vibrant and active community. Every parishioner is encouraged to find a way to get involved.

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Anointing of the Sick – Contact Liana Valentin-Scott at ext. 145. Request the Anointing of the Sick when you know the date of an upcoming medical procedure or the beginning of medical treatment. The peace the Sacrament offers can be yours during the days you prepare for the medical appointment. 

Nullity of Marriage (Annulment)  – Contact Terry Shelton, 404-702-6028. 

Baptism of Infants – Contact Linda Rega, ext. 131 Families must participate in a Baptism Preparation Program. They are encouraged to attend the class  prior to the birth of the baby. Before a date may be reserved for a Baptism, the Baptism Class attendance must be complete and the Baptism Information Sheet, along with a Sponsor Certificate, must be received at the Parish Office.  

Becoming Catholic – Contact The Parish Office or email Becoming Catholic is an ongoing journey of preparation. We invite all interested to contact the Parish Office or drop in on the Inquiry Class on Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Room 105. 

Bulletin – Go to Media Request Form  to place an article. Email for more information or with any questions. To advertize in the Transfiguration bulletin, contact Diocesan Publications 1-800-292-9111. To see our current bulletin: click here.

Sacrament Certificates – Contact the Records Office 770-977-1442 or email Records Office. Copies of certificates for Sacraments received at Transfiguration: Baptism, Sacramental Marriage, Confirmation, and First Eucharist. 

Weekday Preschool – Contact: Kristen Smith,  ext. 130. Our half-day preschool program offers a hands-on approach to education. Our teachers and curriculum foster a love of learning and practice of important academic and social skills needed for success in elementary school. Classes are available various days of the week. 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, Pre-k 4-year-olds, and Pre-k young 5s are welcome. Walking 16 month -23-month-olds are eligible for our MMO program. Please check the Church website for more specific schedules, tuition, and registration information. 

Sacramental Marriage Preparation – Contact Linda Rega, ext. 131. Arrangements and counsel begins at least six months in advance. Linda can also provide information on having your marriage convalidated by the Church. A convalidation is the creation of a sacramental marriage when a couple has already been married outside the Catholic Church.

Ministry of Caring – Contact Liana Valentin-Scott at ext 145. Communion to the Sick; Hospital, and  Shut-In Visits: If you have a family member who needs Communion taken to them on the weekend after a particular Mass, please call Liana by Noon on Tuesday so we can arrange for a trained Minister of Caring to visit. Also, please notify the Parish Office if you know someone homebound or in the hospital. Hospitals do not notify us of hospital stays, so please have a family member call Liana. 

Mass Cards – Contact Linda Rega, ext. 131.

Nursery – Contact Cathi Carpenter . Children are welcome at our 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass.
See the Nursery webpage for details.

Parish Registration, Change of Address  or Verification of Membership – Contact the parish office at 770-977-1442.
Or, use the forms on our website: Here.

Parish Verification for Catholic Schools – Forms are available from each school. Submit completed forms to the Records Office. It is expected that families who wish to enroll their children in Catholic schools do their fair share in supporting this parish. We use the following criteria to determine a registered family’s active status at Transfiguration:

  • Actively participate in Mass each week – attendance is verified through use of envelopes and/or personal checks in the weekend offertory collection (empty offertory envelopes can be used)
  • Share time or talent with the parish community
  • Support the parish financially

PATH (Post Abortion Treatment and Healing) – PATH offers group and individual bible studies and retreats for men and women who continue to suffer emotionally and spiritually from a past abortion, no matter how long it has been.  All facilitators are trained, have been through the program, and offer compassion and experience. Visit  for more information. This program is professional and completely CONFIDENTIAL. Call and get the healing you need.

Prayer Requests – Use our online form to submit a prayer request, Here. You may contact any staff memeber in person to request that a person be placed on the prayer list. Call the Parish Office 770-977-1442 ext. 145 with your prayer request or write it in the Book of Intentions on the podium in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. To include a prayer request in the Bulletin, please contact the Parish Office, itentions will be listed for one week. You may call again each week to have your intention listed. The deadline is Sunday Noon before the weekend bulletin. 

Sponsor Certificates – If you are asked to be a Baptism or Confirmation sponsor, contact the Parish Office at 770-977-1442 or email Records Office.