Welcome to My Own Church!
This page will be a helpful tool for you as you learn
the basics of logging in and viewing your information.

Welcome to My Own Church!

How? You’re starting in the right spot, here on the website! Second step is to make sure you update your email address
with the office with the Records Office. Email Records Office

Why? Go Green !  Be Good Stewards of our resources. Cost per statement is over $3 (Or $10, 000 per parish wide mailing!)

What? Electronic Statements available to view online, FAST! We will send instructions to MY OWN CHURCH thru email. IT’s SIMPLE!

Who?  To You, the Parish, from the Finance and Records department of The Catholic Church of the Transfiguration!

When?  Your Statements will be ready to view by January 31, 2024.

Trouble ? Contact Us:

Records Manager Martha Brand.
Email her with any questions en ingles y en español!


  • What is My Own Church?
  • Why should I use this?
  • How do I log in?
  • What is my User Name? Where do I find it?
  • What am I looking at?
  • Do I need to Share Personal Information?
  • Where do Links Take Me?

Emails were sent to the parish inviting them to log-in and view their 2022 Financial Contribution Statements.
View Latest emails Here: VIEW EMAIL

What is My Own Church?

What is My Own Church?
My Own Church is a software database that you are able to access at any time to view your registration information, contact information and year end contribution statements. It is easy and free to use.

Why should I use this?
This allows members to view their information to help us keep parish records, contribution statement records and other online giving information up to date and correct. Along with your help, the parish can swiftly address any changes online.

How do I log in?

Your My Own Church application is available from any web browser to users with valid login credentials.
Complete the following steps to access the application:

Open your web browser application (Chrome, Edge, etc.)

Enter your church’s My Own Church in your browser’s Address line.

There will be a My Own Church link / Button on this MOC Webpage so members can easily find the site.

Save this link onto YOUR COMPUTER’S web browser, your bookmarks or favorite sites.

OR, To Log In:

Click the Log In to MOC button on this page or use the saved link on your computer. Enter your User Name and case-sensitive Password, and click the Login button.

What is my User Name? Where do I find it? https://atlantaaim.parishsoftfamilysuite.com/

You have been emailed your Suggested Log In Name and Email Address. If you need assistance logging in, you’re invited to call the Parish Office and speak to someone who can walk you through the process.
Contact the Records Department to have that information sent to you again.

If this is your first time logging in, select the New User? link. Complete the New User Registration form and then click  SUBMIT REGISTRATION

The ParishSOFT Welcome screen is displayed:


Remember to use the information given to you as your log in information (*User Name, *First Name, *Last Name *Postal Code, -Your Registered Address, Zip Code and Telephone Number.) Use the Email Address that your log in information was sent to, that is the PRIMARY (*Current) Email address we have on file. that will save us some steps! Thanks.

After you fully log in, you will see a menu on the left.  Click on “My Offering”, then click on “Giving History” at the top of the page.  This will bring you to your giving record.

You will have to set the drop down to Year 2023 to view that year’s record and to download the statement (the download “button” will be defined are ready to click). 

In addition to your giving, you will have access to your personal records and will be able to make any necessary updates—new phones, new address, etc.  We are just scratching the surface on how MOC can connect Transfiguration with its parishioners. Let me know if you have any questions.

We thank you again for your patience.  Thank you also for supporting Transfiguration’s effort in making better use of our resources and caring for creation. 

After you register successfully, you will receive an email with your username and a temporary password that enables you to log in. After you receive the login credentials, go back to the welcome page (#1).

  • If you have logged in before, type your username and password. Then, click LOG IN.


After you log in, the ParishSOFT Family Suite Home page is displayed:

To View your statement and Download your statement: Select the GIVING HISTORY tab, select the YEAR 2023 from the dropdown menu and your download button should appear. To Download your statements click the DOWNLOAD BUTTON.

*Your ParishSOFT Family Suite Home page may look different from the one shown in the illustration below. Your page shows tabs for only those modules you are licensed to use.

Forgot Password?
If you forget your Password, complete the following steps to receive a new, temporary Password:

  1. Click the Lost your Password
  2. Complete the form fields on the Reset Password screen. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk and include First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Postal Code.
  3. Click Send.
    Once the system validates your request, an email containing a reminder of your User Name and a new, temporary Password will be sent to the address in the account
    holder’s profile. The system will require that you change your password upon login. Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length, and at least 2 characters must be numbers.

Can I get to MOC From MyParish App?
At this time, no. But we are looking for ways to make those links connect.

Do I need to Share Personal Information?
The Information Shared from the Parish to the MOC software is your Most Current Registration Information and will not be shared outside our system. The Reports shown on this site are not shared outside the closed system. At this time, you do not need to share any personal information with My Own Church.