An important part of our worship experience is our music at Mass.  And it takes a fair number of people to do our best at leading the assembly in song.  If you’re someone who likes to sing, our music ministry is set up to be extremely flexible.  We know that some people’s schedules change week to week or month to month.  Sometimes they work every other weekend.  That’s why we just have this flexible policy:  Attend any one of the three or four rehearsals during the week you can sing at any of the five English Masses on the weekend.  You can rotate to different rehearsals each week or rotate to different Masses each weekend.   We know you are out there and the choir wants You to join us!

We have four choirs. Adult English, Adult Spanish,Children’s English, and Children’s Spanish.

Requirements for both Adult Choirs:

The most important requirement is a desire to serve our parish family musically.  Additionally, you need to be able to hear a pitch and match the tone – a one-note test that will take 4 seconds.  

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first rehearsal.

For the English Adult Choir Only:  If you can sight-read, we have an optional advanced rehearsal every 3rd Saturday at 9:00 a.m. that covers the next 3 weekends of music.  Unlike a usual 90-minute rehearsal, this one takes 3 to 4 hours. This first Saturday rehearsal is September 10th. All rehearsals are held in the music room and last 90 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Requirements for both Children’s Choirs:

The only requirement is a desire to serve our parish family musically