Family Promise

We thank you for the love and compassion you share in helping those in need.  Your safety is most important to us so even though things are looking much better than we did last year at this time, it is decided to continue to take all previous COVID precautions again for this year. We host…Read More

Habitat for Humanity

Transfiguration's partnership in the ecumenical home-building organization.…Read More

Lingap Center

The ministry that coordinates our support to our international outreach partner.…Read More

Pax Christi

Patricia Molnar
(770) 977-7010
Debby Freel
(404) 641-7719

Focused on engendering peace in our world.…Read More

Respect for Life Ministries

Group focused on fostering respect for all life.…Read More

Shelter Help

Reaches out to help local homeless shelters.…Read More