Charismatic Prayer Group

Mike Parodi
(770) 977-1042

Weekly gathering group for those seeking spirit-filled communal prayer.…Read More

Faith Sharing Groups

Chris & Mariela Reilly
Mike & Veronika Monteleone

Sharing faith in small group settings…Read More

Holy Name Ministry

Promotes respect for the most Holy Name of God, faith in the Catholic Church.…Read More

Marian Hour

Rita Madrid
(678) 462-5544

Devotees to praying the rosary.…Read More

Marriage Sponsor Couples

Married couple who help couples in their marriage preparation…Read More

Men’s Bible Study – Friday

Men’s Bible Study is a gathering of men who wish to discover more about the Church, faith, character, and Jesus. It provides an opportunity to build a stronger faith community and develop real friendships among a unique group of brothers. The group meets from 7:00-8:00 am on Friday mornings. Currently, the Transfiguration Men’s Bible Studies…Read More

Men’s Bible Study – Thursday

Joe Floccari
(770) 973-8674

Men’s Bible Study began with a small group of men 7 years ago and over the years it has reached over 80 men in our Parish that have participated in it. We are now a strong group of men that have grown in Faith to change lives and make better husbands, better fathers, and much…Read More

Perpetual Adoration

Bruce & Judy Goddard
(770) 973-6304

Devotion to the Eucharist, manifested by an ongoing commitment to continuous prayer in our Blessed Sacrament chapel.…Read More

Women in Faith

Women In Faith

Gathering of women to share and grow in faith.…Read More

Cursillo Retreats

Chris and Mariella Reilly

“Make a friend. Be a friend.Walk with that friend to Christ.” Cursillo Ultreya Meetings: second Friday of each month at 6:30 p.m.  Join us in the Adult Lounge for more information on upcoming retreat weekends. Transfiguration Catholic Church’s organizers for Cursillo are Chris and Mariela Reilly. Contact them at with any questions about the meetings…Read More