Administration groups and councils. These groups are often filled by invitation. Let us know you are interested in becoming a part of these groups

Finance Board

Finance Board Information Requests

Members elected and appointed who advise the Pastor on finance issues of the parish.…Read More

Funeral Reception Ministry

Members of this ministry work to create a warm and welcoming environment during funeral receptions or repasts. They assist with logistical arrangements and ensure that those who are mourning have a supportive space to come together, share memories, and find comfort in community during a difficult time. As a volunteer, you’ll play a vital role…Read More

Good Mourning Caregivers 

Grief support for those who have lost a loved one…Read More

Hispanic Council

Andrés García

Advises the Pastor on matters relating to the parish's Hispanic community.…Read More

Ministry Resource Team (MRT)

The Ministry Resource Team was formed to offer support and direction to our ministry leaders. Their purpose is to inspire and develop ministry leaders, bringing clarity and direction in order to enhance the experience of collaboration and mutual accountability. They help form new ministries, promote involvement at every level of parish life, and troubleshoot when…Read More

Pastor’s Lay Advisory Team (PLAT)

A new leadership body was formed in February 2023 to assist our pastor in casting the vision of where we believe the Holy Spirit to be leading our parish community. This representative body is comprised of leaders from some of Transfiguration’s thriving ministries: Women in Faith, Mustard Seed (young families), Knights of Columbus, Spanish ministries,…Read More