Bridge, Cards, & Dominoes

Margie Harris
(678) 571-1778

A social gathering for adults 55 and older.…Read More

Charity Yarn Crafters

Liz Dehner
(404) 583-4711

Groups that makes items for those in need.…Read More

Friendship Circle (55+)

Marie Fick
(770) 815-8997

Fellowship for those 55 and older…Read More

Girls Scouts

Silvita Tenenbaum

Transfiguration sponsored scouts.…Read More

Mustard Seed – Young Family Ministry

Mustard Seed Ministry is all about families with kids ages 0-5 years old.…Read More

Newcomers Ministry

Rey and Katie Benavides
(770) 315-2231

Coordinate informal gatherings to welcome new parishioners into the family.…Read More


Join us for fun sharing ideas and talents of all things crafty.…Read More


Focused on learning quilting skills and making service projects for those in need.…Read More

Rooted Families

Join us for fun in social and service oriented activities with other families with elementary age children. We aim to guide families to Christ and help them become a vital part of a Christian community where they grow spiritually in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to invest in their lives so that they develop…Read More

Scouts BSA

Sarah Blaesing (K-5th)
(678) 313-5879
Roger Brand (Boys 6th-HS)
(678) 641-5344
Mark Fulcher (Girls 6th-HS)
(404) 784-2797
Martha Brand (Venture Scouts: Ages 14-21 )
(404) 660-3175

Transfiguration sponsored scouts.…Read More

Social Committee

Lou Ann Piantieri
(770) 924-2110

Supports Transfiguration's various social activities.…Read More

Sport Authority

Promotes the Christian lifestyle through participation in a wide range of sporting activities.…Read More

Theater – Transfiguration Players

Theater guild for Transfiguration.…Read More

Venture Crew

Martha Brand

Transfiguration sponsored scouts.…Read More

Welcoming Committee

Michelle Sutcliffe
(770) 590-0019

Calls new parishioners to welcome them to the family.…Read More