Charity Yarn Crafters

Liz Dehner
(404) 583-4711

Groups that makes items for those in need.…Read More

Friendship Circle (55+)

Fellowship for those 55 and older…Read More

Girls Scouts

Shonna Luten

Transfiguration sponsored scouts.…Read More

Men’s Club

All men of Transfiguration, age 21 and older, are automatically members of the Men’s Club. Its purpose is to provide social and spiritual opportunities and activities for men.  Mission Statement To foster Christian fellowship through social gatherings and activities, and to provide the men of the parish an opportunity to meet in an informal manner…Read More


Join us for fun sharing ideas and talents of all things crafty.…Read More


Focused on learning quilting skills and making service projects for those in need.…Read More

BSA Scouting

Will Fowlkes (Family, K-5th)
Roger Brand (Boys 6th-HS)
(678) 641-5344
Maureen Scoggin BSA Religious Award K-12

Transfiguration sponsored scouts.…Read More

Widowed Helping Others

Support to widows who have lost a spouse…Read More