Men’s Bible Study

Rick Kime Phone: (770) 827-2161

The group meets at 7 a.m. Friday mornings.

Men’s Bible Study is a gathering of men who wish to discover more about the Church, faith, character, and Jesus. It provides an opportunity to build a stronger faith community and develop real friendships among a unique group of brothers.

Currently, the Transfiguration Men’s Bible Studies are meeting in person and online – just like a small faith group- until they can meet on campus again. Please contact Rick for those arrangements! This a great study, it should provide for a thoughtful and spiritual discussion. All men of the parish are welcome, and encouraged to join or participate.

Our Current Study:

“The Case for Jesus, the Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ”

by  Dr. Brant PitreThe Case for Jesus: The Reliability of the Gospels and the Jewish Roots of Jesus’ Divinity