Confirmation Journal Week 1 – Period of Invitation

  • WEEK 1 – Period of Invitation

    This component of preparation for Confirmation is based on family faith sharing. Please set aside time for the next 8 weeks to complete the following themes. This is based on mutual faith sharing: an active discussion between all participants. You may include your sponsor if you like. Complete the statements below and then click SUBMIT.

    During the week, reflect on the nature of and the relationship between faith and religion; what it means to look at life through the eyes of faith, the challenge of faith in Jesus, the meaning of the church and your prayer life.

  • Your Information

  • Faith Sharing Questions

  • Remember to copy and paste your answers to a Word document before submitting form just in case there are submissions issues. You will receive an email from Ms Karen confirming your submission.
  • Can You Hear Me, Lord?

    Dear God,

    Jesus had to remind people to pray always and not to lose hope when faced with injustice. I need to hear that too. Sometimes it seems like I pray and pray, but you are not answering. I know that I have to be willing to look and listen for your response. I know that I have to pray always, not just in times of need. I know I need to share my daily life with you. Help me to do these things I know I need to do. Help me to pray, Lord. Amen.
    Listen to the song, “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship.”

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