Confirmation Journal Week 3 – Confirmation Name & Saint Report

  • WEEK 3 – Confirmation Name and Saint Report

    If your baptismal name is that of a recognized saint of the Church, there is no need to select a new name for Confirmation. Using the baptismal name for Confirmation is preferred because it highlights the relationship between the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

    If you choose to take a new name for Confirmation, however, it should be a name selected in honor of Jesus or Mary or from the list of recognized saints of the Catholic Church. Names of saints are chosen to serve as patrons and models for those being confirmed. You should choose a patron whose Christian life and virtues can be imitated. You may also choose the saint who celebrates their Feast Day on your birthday, i.e. the Feast of St. Joseph is March 19.

    Research the saint whose name you have chosen. If you are choosing your baptismal name and it is not the name of a saint, research the saint who celebrates their feast day on your birthday. If you cannot find enough information, Butler’s Lives of the Saints is available in the Transfiguration library. Another good resource is 

    Write a brief, legible paragraph (at least 4 – 6 sentences) about the Saint you researched. Do NOT just copy and paste something from the internet. Include any information on why this person is a saint and why he/she inspires you.

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