Good Mourning Caregivers provide support for those who have lost a loved one.

When the parish receives notification of a death of someone closely related to a parishioner (i.e. Mother, father, spouse, sibling or grandchild), a Good Mourning Caregiver is assigned and a letter from our pastor is sent to the parishioner. A Good Mourning Caregiver initiates contact with a note to the parishioner and continues contact for the next year. The Good Mourning Caregiver communicates periodically (monthly, special occasions such as their birthday, the anniversary of the death, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).

The parish has a special Mass and reception around All Souls’ Day in November to remember loved ones who passed away the preceding year. Good Mourning Caregivers are encouraged to attend and participate (lector, Eucharistic Minister, etc.) at this Mass and help at the reception.