The Lingap Center provides hope for children who have suffered from child abuse, abandonment, neglect, and exploitation. At the Center, we create a safe haven for kids who would otherwise be in life-threatening situations.

Our new building, dedicated in March of 2006, houses 100 children between the ages of six and 18. The dedicated staff ensures that the kids eat three meals a day, and go to school so they can build a solid future and give back to the community. For the first time in many of their lives, the kids have access to health care and counseling services. They are able to participate in religious services – a practice not traditionally open to orphans or street children. They also have time to play and just be kids.

Generous donors in the U.S. and the Philippines have made this possible.

Some children stay at the center for a short time until they can be placed in a safe environment. Other kids who don’t have that option stay until they reach adulthood. Our “Place at the Table” sponsorship program ensures that we don’t have to turn away children who desperately need our help and would otherwise be living on the street.

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