Registration closed, Monday, August 7.

So overwhelmed and grateful for all who registered. We can’t wait to see you. If need to cancel your registration or would like to be added to the wait list, please email Barbara,

Parish Mission, August 11 -12

A Community-Wide Event

God is calling our parish to come together and to bring home all of those we know who need the new life that Jesus wants to pour into each of us through this parish mission called RESTORED.  

We believe we can cooperate with God’s grace best when we serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.  For hundreds and hundreds of families, Transfiguration has been a place where every person feels welcome and valued. Now comes this opportunity to grow the body of Christ that is this parish family and to find what God has in store for us who will encounter a renewed sense of belonging, personal growth, and reliance on Jesus Christ.

Your participation in this parish event is critical to creating a stronger community. We are simply asking you to invest a Friday night and a Saturday morning. Please invite your family, friends and those “I know them but I don’t know them” acquaintances to join you at this mission, bringing new faces into this community of faith. Finally, be open to God’s call to renew your faith, your trust, your relationships, and our parish community. You are welcome to come to all or just part of the mission.

The Schedule

Friday Evening Event Schedule

  • 7:00 PM – Opening Prayer and Praise & Worship
  • 7:30 PM – Session #1: “Addict to Evangelist” (John’s Conversion Story)
  • 8:30 PM – Community Social in the Social Hall

Saturday Morning Event Schedule

  • 8:30 AM –  Light Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM –  Opening Prayer and Praise & Worship
  • 9:30 AM –  Session #2: “Restoring your Identity: Who are you, and Why You are Here”
  • 10:30 AM – Break
  • 10:45 AM – Session #3: “The Most Important Thing”
  • 11:45 AM – Break for those attending Session #4
  • 12:00 PM –  Optional Session #4*: (includes lunch) 
  •   1:00 PM –  Close

Session #4 Overview

  • John Edwards will meet with men of the parish to grow our ministry to men. Why?[Men’s Ministry] 
  • Women will meet to discuss how they can better support all the women of our parish.
  • Child care will be provided for this session in the FLC – open gym and other activities as well as lunch.

About the speaker

We are thrilled to welcome John Edwards to Transfiguration to lead our parish mission. God is calling us to go further, to grow beyond where we are right now. 

John is from Memphis, TN. He is, a convert, a husband, and a dad, President at Pew Ministries Inc. and Co-Founder and Partner Virtual Catholic Conference LLC. He is the host of Just a Guy in the Pew Podcast. His ministry, Just a Guy In The Pew, acknowledges the challenges each of us face as we listen to God’s Word from the pew and then struggle with its application for us in today’s world.

He is an example of an imperfect Prodigal Son, trying to understand his father’s unconditional love. He will share his experiences and challenge us to acknowledge who we are and whose we are – man, woman or teen.

John’s ministry has successfully launched over 20 Men’s Ministries in parishes all over the country and he is looking forward with excitement to join Transfiguration in August to help us RESTORE our individual faith, our relationships and our community (and launch a powerful Men’s Ministry).


There is no cost for any part of RESTORED. There will be a community social on Friday evening, and breakfast will be served on Saturday. Lunch will be served on Saturday to all who are attending the optional #4th session.


Nursery will be provided FREE for 8 months – 5 years with registration. Space is limited but we will try to accommodate all attendees.

Elementary & Middle School

Breakout Sessions will be provided FREE with registration for Grades K-8.


High School teens (the Church’s future) will greatly benefit from John’s presentations. Teen participation in the Mission is strongly encouraged.


This mission will need many volunteers for it to be a success.  If you would like to volunteer, click HERE.  Thank you!!

More Questions?  Please contact:

Who can you invite to the mission with you? We know a personal invitation can change everything. We are all in need of spiritual renewal. Pray to the Lord to guide us to whom we should invite. Share this webpage with them.


Registration is closed! See you at the mission!

Mission Prayer

Please pray with us for the success of the mission to restore, reinvigorate and set our hearts on fire:

Restore us, O Lord. 

Let your face shine on us, lighting the way home from all the places we have been scattered.

Create in us clean hearts and renewed spirits, that we may come together to be your disciples,

worship you, serve you and each other, and be your people.

In Jesus’ mighty name.  AMEN