Prayer Blanket Ministries Image

Prayer is a powerful tool, and in 2010 a handful of ladies wanted people who were struggling to know they had the power of prayer in their corner.  It wasn’t enough to say “we’re praying for you,” this group of faith-filled ladies wanted those in need to have a tangible sign of their spiritual support.  They needed something comforting, something long lasting, and something that would be uplifting.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, a half dozen ladies began to sew a few blankets.  These blankets were prayerfully sewn with love and blessed by one of our Clergy.  It would be just a small piece of cloth, a gift of prayer, and coincidentally the first to receive a prayer gift was our pastor at the time, Msgr. Patrick Bishop.  It was this small act that began what was to be known as the Prayer Gift Ministry of Transfiguration Catholic Church.

Over time the original handful of ladies has grown to dozens of dedicated workers and almost 7,000 blankets, known as Prayer Gifts, have been distributed.  Once a person receives one, their name is entered into a journal that is kept in the Chapel. The blankets have become more than just a piece of cloth.  They now include a guardian angel medal, booklet of prayers, and a letter explaining about this wonderful gift of prayers and love from the ladies of the Catholic Church of the Transfiguration.