“A Day in the Life” Aging Simulation Workshop

Physical and Cognitive Age-Related Challenges

Wednesday, May 15

6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Adult Ed/OCI Room.

Family members, caregivers and professionals can reach a deeper level of understanding by spending some time “walking in their care recipients’ shoes.”   This 90-minute workshop involves activities that mimic what it is like to feel confused, frustrated, isolated and more.  This workshop addresses neuropathy, hearing loss, vision loss, language and cognitive impairment, mobility, and balance issues.  What is it like to live every day as an older adult facing one or more age-related health challenges?  Join us as we share experiences with peers to help you process lessons learned in a meaningful, memorable way and gain knowledge, compassion, and empathy.

RSVP to info@alohatoaging.org by May 10th.