What’s Required

 Initial Preparation Session

  • RE-FOCCUS and RE-FOCCUS review
  • Two (1 each) Freedom to Marry Affidavits
  • Bride Form and Groom Form
  • Permission/dispensation required if either the husband or wife is not Catholic
  • Workshop (if deemed necessary by Presider):

Marriage Encounter or Retrouvaille

  • Baptismal Certificates
  • Meeting with Presiding Priest or  deacon
  • Copy of Civil Marriage License

Additional Considerations:

  • A date cannot be set until the couple has attended the initial session.
  • In addition to the preparation requirements listed, in some instances, premarital counseling may also be required.
  • If either the husband or wife has been married before:
    • A copy of the death certificate is required if the prior spouse is deceased.
  • If the previous marriage ended in divorce, an annulment is required.