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Families forming Disciples is a family model to learning and living our faith.

All of our Church documents say that PARENTS are the best and primary educators of our faith because you live our faith at home on a daily basis. Your children were entrusted to you and at their baptism, you promised to raise them to be disciples of Jesus.

How does it work?

  • For families with children in grades K-12. (If you have preschool children, they are welcome to join as well. See more details below.)
  • We will begin the week of September 13. This is a three week per month, theme-based opportunity to grow in faith as a family.
  • Families will be assigned to a class with 4 other families and a catechist. We will try to group families by the ages of your children.
  • Families will meet virtually twice a month. Week 2 will be a family activity and learning together as assigned by the catechist.
  • One parent must be present with children at virtual class.


Families forming Disciples is open to families with children in kindergarten through Grade 12.

If you have preschool children they are welcome to join; however if you only have preschool children, we recommend the weekly digital option. This program is based on a 45-minute virtual class experience and it may be challenging to sustain their attention and engagement. If your preschool child will be participating with your family, please email Joyce, or Nuvia (ayuda en español). There is no tuition cost for them to participate.

If you have children in various grades including grades kindergarten and 6-12, you may do both the Families forming Disciples and the Sunday morning Kindergarten program and/or ChrisTeen small groups. No additional tuition to do both programs. You can only register for one program, so register for Kindergarten and/or ChrisTeen and email Joyce or Nuvia if your children will do both, so we can assign your family with other families with similarly age children.

2020- 2021 Dates

How I long to find the right words to stir up enthusiasm for a new chapter of evangelization full of fervor, joy, generosity, courage, boundless love and attraction! Yet I realize that no words of encouragement will be enough unless the fire of the Holy Spirit burns in our hearts.” 

Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, no. 261


Please indicate your first and second choice on your registration.

Sunday 9:00 -10:00 am

Sunday 6:30 -7:30 pm

Monday 6:30-7:30 pm

Tuesday 6:15-7:15 pm

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm – English and Bilingual

Thursday 7:00-8:00 pm – Bilingual only

  • Class time is scheduled for 45 minutes, but please allow the extra time for connectivity issues, welcome and extended discussion, we will not exceed an hour.


Register for Our Great Journey and select Family forming Disciples. Remember to email Joyce or Nuvia if you have children participating in one or more programs. We can never have enough God!


This program is virtual. You can use a phone or tablet. If you need access to a digital device and internet access, you may be able to make arrangements through your school district, For families who need assistance, we will provide a print option. Please contact Joyce or Gloria.

Please note: Families forming Disciples will replace the RUACH program for this school year.

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