We are monitoring the directives of local school districts and the Archdiocese of Atlanta. We have moved our start date to September 13. and will gather for a Virtual Great Journey. If you are able to register early, it is a big help with planning, supplies and organizing classes. We can’t wait to see EVERYONE! Any questions, just let us know. If COVID-19 cases decline, we will re-visit a hybrid or return to class option.


New this year:

  • Mass schedule: 5 pm Saturday, 8 am , 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm on Sunday
  • Welcome to ChrisTeen, GRADE 6, you are part of Youth Ministry.
  • OCI is moving to the 11 am Mass for dismissal and class will follow.
  • OCI-C is for children 8 yrs + who have not been baptized or for older children who have not participated in religious education. Weekly virtual class 12:30 -1:30 pm for both English and Spanish students and parents.
  • Click HERE  for 2020-2021 Registration


Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten will have a digital and virtual program for our kids.

  • Catechists will send weekly emails with recorded lessons to families, monthly virtual gathering for Bible story, or music and prayer.
  • Your children can watch the message anytime during the week, and they love our Bible stories.

We also have a Virtual Program for families with children in Kindergarten through Grade 12. (If you have preschool children and older kids, the preschool can join in this virtual program too.) Read more…

Register HERE and select the Homeschool option

Grades K-12 Virtual: Families forming Disciples


  • families with children in Grades K-12
  • three week per month, theme-based family opportunity to grow in faith
  • Families will be assigned to a class with a catechist and 4 other families and meet virtually twice a month. At least one parent must participate.
  • Week 2 will be a family activity and learning together at home. (See below for virtual gathering options, families will select their 1st and 2nd choice)
  • Family classes will be grouped by English/Bilingual, day of week selected for virtual class and ages of children.  READ MORE…

VIRTUAL:  FAMILIES FORMING DISCIPLES Gathering Options: ​(we’ve scheduled an hour to account for connectivity issues, welcoming and extended discussion; however time together should NOT exceed one hour)

  • Sunday: 9-10 am, or 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Monday: 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:15-7:15 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00-8:00 pm

Register for Families forming Disciples and select your top two choices for gathering.

*Preschool children, are welcome to join; however, if your family only has preschool children, we recommend the weekly digital option.  This program is based on a 45-minute virtual class experience and it may be challenging to sustain their attention and engagement. Preschool and kindergarten can participate in both programs. There is no tuition cost for them to participate. (Registration only allows for one selection, so register for Preschool and Kindergarten and then email Joyce or your catechist that they will participate in both.)

*Parents with children in Grades 6-12, can participate in either or both Families forming Disciples and ChrisTeen programs. You can only register for one program, please select ChrisTeen. Email Joyce if you have a child(ren) also participating in Families forming Disciples so we can create faith groups with similar family groupings

Families forming Disciples will replace RUACH for this year.

ChrisTeen: Grades 6-12

ChrisTeen GRADES 6-12—For the first 9 weeks (or possibly through December), we will have Virtual Small Groups for Grades 6-12, Sunday evenings, 7:00—8:15 pm.

  • These will be groups of teens meeting with small group leaders weekly.
  • They will follow the middle school and high school curriculum.
  • When we can gather, on-site, teens will stay with their small group and small group leader.

Our hope is that when the situation improves, we can begin with the option of a few small groups meeting on-site.

Register for ChrisTeen.

*Parents with children in Grades 6-12, can participate in either or both Families forming Disciples and ChrisTeen programs. You can only register for one program, please select ChrisTeen. Email Joyce if you have a child(ren) also participating in Families forming Disciples so we can create faith groups with similar family groupings

Order of Christian Initiation – OCI

Order of Christian Initiation for Children (OCI-C),Grades 3-8, Students attend both sessions:

Mass dismissal and Scripture study at 11 am and 2 pm Mass. Virtual class will also be scheduled. Contact Sheila Murray, smurray@transfiguration.com. Read more…

OCI-High School & Adults – students attend both sessions:
Sunday: 11:00 am – Mass dismissal, Class following. Read more…

If you live in Cobb County and need access to a digital device and internet access. http://cobbcast.cobbk12.org/?p=32140. If you do not have access to a digital device or internet, please call Joyce, 770-977-1442 x125 and, we will provide a print option.

 Please click on the Adult Faith Formation page for programs and classes offered! We also offer Catechist Certification Classes. Everyone is invited to journey!

New to Transfiguration

Thank you for joining us. Please click Program Overviews for program information.  Please note, the link describes our programs pre and post corona virus. Call or email with any questions.

Our Great Journey Staff

Director of Religious Ed. and Youth Ministry: Joyce Guris,  Ext.155
Assistant Director of Elementary Education: Sheila Murray, Ext.149
Adult Education Coordinator, Therese DeLashmutt, Ext 128
Adult Education Assistant Coordinator, Amy Krakauer, Ext. 128
Sunday Morning Preschool & Kindergarten CoordinatorLynn Southall, Ext. 150
Middle School & High School Youth Minister, Theresa Brader, Ext 148
Confirmation Coordinator, Karen Paonessa, Ext 148
JOURNEY Administrative AssistantPenny Fitzpatrick, Ext. 129
JOURNEY Registrar & Administrative Assistant :Nuvia Solano, Ext.125

Office Hours

The offices are not currently open, but we are working remotely. Please email or call us with any questions.

Monday through Thursday: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, Friday: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm and during all regularly scheduled Journey classes
Sunday mornings during scheduled classes:


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Abide in His LoveOur theme for this year is “Abide in His Love. Pass it On. We are loved, we need to rest and be renewed in His Love and then we need to live it and Hand it On. All of us.