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February 25, 2024 – Second Sunday in Lent

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This week our theme is “Voice of Truth/La Voz de la Verdad” based on Mark 9:2-10 / Marco 9:2-10


Opening Prayer: 

All pray the Sign of the Cross

Lord, our God, renew in us the grace of our Baptism. May we realize we are your sons and daughters and that just as Jesus lived a life obedient to your will, we are also called to a life of holiness, love and service. May our Lent prayers, fasting and works of mercy transform our hearts and renew our hearts. Amen.

In addition to our prayers from the heart, our prayer for February is The Memorare.  Please pray these prayers daily to learn. (Memorare is Latin for remember. The Memorare is a Catholic prayer seeking the intercession and help of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is appropriate to pray at any time, but especially appropriate during times of difficulty or distress.)

Using the Bible, invite a family member to read the Gospel aloud


Things to talk about:

  • Describe an experience when you were truly awed by something. How did it affect you?
  • Why do you think Jesus transfigured himself for Peter, James and John?
  • In this Gospel, God said, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” What do you hear God saying to you in your heart?
  • Describe how you would feel if you were with Peter, James and John and witnessed Jesus’ transfiguration.

Things to do:

  • Describe how you would feel if you were with Peter, James and John and witnessed Jesus’ transfiguration. Find the stained glass window of the Transfiguration in Church and look for the people named in this Gospel.
  • Create a Family Lenten Calendar, click HERE for a blank, Click HERE for some suggestions.
  • Please click the link to sign up for a few items for the mercy bags for Family Faith @ Church the week of March 3. Click HERE to see the items needed for your family’s session.

Closing Prayer

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Litany of the Sacred Heart (adapted)

Select one person to be the leader, all others read the responses in bold.

Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison

Christe Eleison, Christe Eleison

Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison

Christ, hear us. Christ, hear us.

Christ, graciously hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.

God, our Father in heaven, have mercy on us

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us

God, the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us

Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us

Heart of Jesus, Son of the Eternal Father, have mercy on us

Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, spare us, Lord.

graciously hear us, Lord have mercy on us

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like to yours.

Name those who need our prayers. Close with the Sign of the Cross.

Adapted From: http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/prayers-and-devotions/adoration/holy-hour-for-life-prayers-before-the-blessed-sacrament.cfm

Catholic Insights

In the Gospel of the Transfiguration of Jesus, we are told that Jesus is God’s beloved Son and also that we should “listen to him.” For a brief moment, the apostles are able to “see” Jesus in his full divinity. They have no idea what to say or do!

             In addition to hearing the voice of God, Jesus talks with Moses and Elijah, two of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament. Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, gave them God’s law and led them through the desert for 40 years until they were ready to enter the Promised Land as God’s chosen people.

Elijah lived during the time of King Arab and Queen Jezebel. The faith of Israel was close to extinction until Elijah provided a witness to the presence and goodness of the One True God that led the people back to their faith. The First Book of Kings tells us that Elijah did not die, but was taken away by a fiery chariot. Because of this story, many people wondered if Jesus might be Elijah who had come back.

Jesus’ glory is even greater than Moses and Elijah. When God calls out of the cloud, he is proclaiming to the apostles that Jesus is more than a prophet. He is the divine Son, God himself.

God tells us to listen to his Son. Spend 3 minutes each day in silence listening to God. Begin by quieting yourself and asking God to be with you and speak to you. At the end of the week, share your experience with your family or a friend.

Did you know? … that the Transfiguration appears in the three Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Each year on the Second Sunday of Lent, we hear one of these accounts.


Resources adapted from 52Sundays.com, Celebrating the Lectionary, At Home with the Word, Celebrating Families, Sunday Connection

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